Wifi HQ (wifihq.ca) has been launched to provide the best Wifi products and services in Canada. Serving both homeowners and commercial enterprises, we help troubleshoot Wifi issues, set up new Wifi systems, distribute and install routers, smart home devices and other networking equipments.

Wifi HQ is also the first Canadian company to provide a low cost remote Wi-Fi assistance service on a subscription basis.

Wifi HQ is owned and operated by Peel Media Inc., a Canadian digital media and ecommerce  company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario.


We have high ethical standards and strive to provide solutions that are most suitable to the customer.


We provide high quality services and products that solve the needs of our customers over the long term.


We aim at providing the best value for the money for our customers, consumers and small businesses alike.

Our Mission

We help our customers in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, operate Wi-Fi networks that are fast, reliable and secure.

Our Vision

Establish ourselves as the leading experts for Wi-Fi systems deployment and maintenance in North America